Dutch prime minister tells soccerfans to ‘shut the fuck up!’

Dutch prime minister tells soccerfans to 'shut the fuck up!'

Explaining Dutch politics, it isn’t that easy. So for those that don’t speak Dutch I will add some more words.

The start of the soccer competition was only after internal discussion on the risks of covid 19. Diceded was that fewer supporters could attend the match, only if they don’t sing or shout. Last sunday the top team of Feijnoord played a game. The supporting half the Rotterdam squad where shouting to support their team.

As the singing of the Feijnoord fans is a matter of national security, the Dutch prime minister had to react:

Translation: ‘Prime minister Rutte has no patience for soccer fans: ‘Just shut the fuck up!’

In Holland there are elections coming up. And everytime there are elections Mark Rutte’s language gets more assertive and his priority shifts from left wing politics to right wing words. So he always get the whole spectrum. The people who like his politics, and the people who dislike his politics, but like his ferm right wing words. 

The soccerfans and others have a simple reaction to the words of Rutte in order to ‘shut the fuck up!’

The reactions of the public cannot not be counted in which people say: ‘Rutte you shut the fuck up yourself!’

In this dance of happy reactions it brings an old debate in mind between Geert Wilders and Mark Rutte.

in this clip Rutte is wrongly accusing a college of Geert Wilders of racism. So Wilders says: ‘act normal man!’ In reaction Rutte answers: ‘You act normal yourself!’ It has become part of the Dutch sayings since then. So the reaction of the public to Rutte’s speach to ‘shut the fuck up!’ is part of a new Dutch tradition.  

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