Who’s behind the twitter account Titiania McGrath?

Who's behind the twitter account Titiania McGrath?

The most woke account on the internets is without a doubt Titiana McGrath. When I need to know what to think about new topics on ethics, I allways visit the twitter account. It gives answers to awkward social challanges I get stuck on in the new world order. 

Some of the followers of Mgrath in Holland think the account was created by Mark Suckerberg himself. Frustrated as he must be. In the old days the wealthy owner of one of the worlds biggest companies could life his fantasies in his office. And money could justify the difference between law and reality. But nowedays there is a wokeness that makes you keep your fantasies in the head. This costs a load of shrinks. But it is possible. A negative side effect is appearing like a robot. 

I do not think that is true, but the arguments are plausable.

There is a guy, Andrew Doyle says he is McGrath. 

I don’t believe this. The account of Titania McGrath is not of this world. 

It must be of an alien origin.

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